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Vedica Technologies roximity Card based Access Control With Time and Attendance System
Proximity Card based Access Control with Time and Attendance SystemProduct Description
Multi -door access controller features powerful function, stable performance and easy operation. It is suitable for property administration in intelligence residential district. Apart from having all the functions of single door access controller, it can support multiple inputs and outputs. Its parameter setting is completed via computer software, thus, facilitating users’ operation and management
Technical Specification
  1. Dimension: (L)260mmX(W)170mmX(H) 55mm
  2. Power : DC7~35V, power consumption: =1W;
  3. Power supply: build-in switch power input AC 220V 50HZ
  4. Working environment: temperature -20°C~60°C, humidity: <90%; damp-proof treatment
  5. Communication mode: standard RS485 or TCP/IP communication, with data-lost prevention agreement and lightning prevention for both sides.
  6. Amount of users: 9214
  7. Record capacity: keeping18,724 pieces of latest records.
  8. The time for keeping data of external power failure: 1 year
  9. The number of door phone controlled: 4/8 each
  10. Supporting software with powerful function

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